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Traveling as a family can create some of your lifetime's most unique and special memories. However, the experience of navigating through commercial airports can be very stressful for parents, especially with young children. Crowds, delays, and long security lines can be a harrowing way to start a vacation.

Private air travel removes several pressures on parents by eliminating many restrictions on commercial airlines. Families traveling with babies may have concerns about breastfeeding and diapering while airborne. While in-flight during private air travel, your privacy and comfort are amongst our highest priorities. Our only request is you remain seated to satisfy our top importance of keeping you safe!

Children under the age of two qualify as lap passengers. The aircraft offers wider and softer seating to make this seating option more comfortable for everyone. All aircrafts have ample power outlets for children and teenagers seeking entertainment for devices and WIFI connectivity. They can enjoy a movie or the view of the clouds – their choice!

Have special requests for picky eaters or an extra nervous first-time traveler? Need extra space for strollers or baby carriers? Share all these details with your booking agent here. They'll handle the details, so you can sit back and relax.

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Now Boarding: Miami

Take Your Seat on a Deluxe Challenger 300/350 & Land in the Excitement of Miami

A Premium Flight Experience

Enter the sleek and modern cabin of a Challenger 300/350 with up to 9 of your favorite traveling companions. With a cabin 39% larger than competing mid-size jets, personal touch screens to control the cabin, and ergonomically designed seating arrangements, you'll begin your journey in maximum comfort. A two-person crew will accommodate any of your special requests as you embark on the colorful backdrop of Miami, Florida. Experience the epitome of coastal chic at this trendy seaside metropolis.

Premiere Accommodations

Four Seasons Hotel at the Surf Club

Herald a fresh era of sophistication heightened by elegant Italian cuisine and an exceptional spa experience at the Four Seasons Hotel. Since 1930, this glamorous property has been a premier destination for an elite clientele, including movie stars and dignitaries.

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Unplug and rejuvenate at the spectacular Faena Hotel Miami Beach. This hotel will become your go-to stateside getaway with lavish decor, opulent aesthetics, and renowned hospitality. Clear waters, powder-like sand, and exquisite dining create an elevated, immersive experience.


A Look Inside the Cabin

with Jamie Gibson, Chef Flight Attendant

Taking off from a warm location? Jamie Gibson, chef flight attendant and luxury hospitality expert @flightess, recommends serving a seafood platter as a dining selection.

  • An assortment of raw and cooked shellfish, including lobster, crab, and shrimp, is an elegant and refined culinary choice, especially during the summer. 

  • This is an ideal option for the season because plateau de fruits de mer are served chilled and require no heating onboard.
    P.S. Remove all shells before serving to maintain a polished dining experience!

Share your top requests with your booking agent and it will be waiting for you to enjoy in-flight.