Pet Passports and Beyond: Preparing Your Pets for the Skies

Coordinating travel with pets can be a confusing and cumbersome experience. A colleague recently returned from summering in Greece and shared that the most harrowing part of planning her trip was securing safe transportation for her teacup Yorkie Maya. When flying privately, you can bring your pets on board the aircraft, ensuring you never have to part with your beloved companions during your journey.

Whether traveling with one cat, three dogs, or a bird cage, you can rest assured that your pet is safe and well cared for. Unlike commercial airlines, where your pet is often required to be in the belly of the aircraft, with a private charter, your animal companion can remain in the cabin with you. You can enjoy each other’s calming presence, creating a less stressful travel experience for everyone.

Proper Documentation for Flights

All family members need essential documents for boarding, including your furry, four-legged friends. To ensure a smooth passage, you’ll need the following:

  • Pet Passport
  • Fit for Travel Animal Health Certificate
  • Valid Vaccination Records
  • Microchip Documentation

Pet Perks of Private Flights

Once all the required documents are in place, you can take your seat with peace of mind, knowing your pets are not at home or under the plane in a cargo hold. Other advantages include:

  • Year-Round Travel: Forget about seasonal embargoes – You can fly with your pets anytime with us.
  • No Limitations: Traveling with multiple pets? No problem! You’ll be relieved to know that there are no limitations on a private jet charter.
  • Less Pet Agitation: Pets can become frightened during a flight. Having the comfort of their owner by their side assures them they are safe.

Our advisory team is here to help ensure you have all the proper documentation for your flight and will answer any questions here about customs rules to your destination. Pet separation anxiety is a concern of the past; join us for convenient and stress-free pet-friendly travel.

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Now Boarding: Vermont

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Vermont’s majestic mountains, serene surroundings, and stunning fall foliage. Arrive on the premium Hawker 800XP, ideal for mid-range destinations. Your journey will be comfortable within the spacious interior, accommodating up to 8 passengers supported by a two-person flight crew. The jet also features high-speed wifi and an AFT divan for your comfort. Twelve windows surround the cabin, providing a light atmosphere and stellar views as you descend on the beauty of the Green Mountain State.

Premiere Accommodations

Top Notch Resort

Whether your passion lies in casting a line for trout in the Lamoille River, finding your bliss during a massage at the spa, or simply enjoying a farm-to-table fireside meal, Topnotch Resort will envelop you in the beauty of nature and indulgence of leisure. Poised at the foothills of Mount Mansfield, Topnotch is a sophisticated country retreat offering an equestrian center, a year-round pool and spa, and award-winning tennis programs. Take a breath and lose yourself in Topnotch’s sweeping scenery and warm hospitality this fall.

Lodge at Spruce Peak

Stylish and authentic Vermont craftsmanship is on display throughout the alpine accommodations at the Lodge at Spruce Peak. Against the brilliant landscape of the mountainous Northeast, luxury awaits you at the highly coveted Spruce Peak Penthouses. Your perfect adventure will be curated by one of Spruce Peak Outfitters whether that’s a private hike amongst the vibrant trees or an exclusive tour of the local microbreweries. Embrace the kaleidoscope of color and opportunities that await you at the Lodge.


A Look Inside the Cabin

with Jamie Gibson, Chef Flight Attendant

Staying hydrated while traveling is essential to your wellness in flight and upon arrival. Jamie Gibson, chef flight attendant and luxury hospitality expert @flightess, shared a subtle way to maintain an elevated guest experience. Avoid plastic glasses or bottles on the table at all times! Flight attendants will ask if travelers prefer still or sparkling water, like dining in a restaurant. They will then present guests with a glass of water ( ¾ full), a small saucer of lemon and lime wedges, and petite tongs. Flight attendants will note your preference for future flights to have your water prepared:

  • Still or sparkling
  • Chilled or room temperature
  • Lemon or lime

Share your top requests with your booking agent, and it will be waiting for you to enjoy in-flight. For seamless on-demand service anytime from anywhere, contact us.